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The People Project began humbly: trying to raise a few dollars to provide children living in extreme poverty in Trujillo, Peru with an education... giving them hope for a future.  The sheer awesomeness of God's love for people was revealed to us then, and continues to this day! 

Nearly 20 years later, The People Project serves as a shepherd to thousands of individuals and organizations connected through a single, common mission: helping our less fortunate brothers and sister around the world. Our projects are now many, and the need is even greater. We hope you will find your passion and spirit of giving through one of our life-changing projects around the globe.


"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ - Acts 20:35

Our Projects



Christmas Hope Campaign

Christmas Hope Campaign

Every soul deserves to feel Christ's love on Christmas! For over 10 years, The People Project has organized massive gift, food and water drives for the poor on 4 continents. Our current Christmas Hope Campaign is happening NOW!

Help us to provide gifts for underprivileged children in NY. Shoes and a toy for children in Africa. Toys for children in S. America. A Christmas gift for families in Asia.

Please help to make a difference TODAY to those who have been battling the Pandemic of Poverty their entire lives!




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Hope for the Hungry

Hope for the Hungary

With Worldwide Hunger on the rise and nearly 690 million people going to bed hungry every night, The People Project has made food and nutrition the centerpiece of our mission of support. A year-round endeavor, our Hope for the Hungry Program is active in all 13 countries we serve providing essential meals both directly and through managed food programs. We have served more than two million meals and distributed hundreds of tons of rice, beans, corn, and bread to those in need so far!


Bringing the Spirit

Bringing The Spirit!

Founded as Shekinah Gloria Ministries, The People Project is devoted to spreading the word of God around the World.  We live by HIS example, spreading hope and joy to our less fortunate brothers and sisters through ministering, bible studies and distribution, building places of worship and of course, doing good deeds in the name of the God.




Water to the World

Water to the World

Clean water should not be a privilege but a right for every human being. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 844 million people lack access to clean drinking water globally. The People Project is committed to helping bring clean water to the World. Through distribution of clean water in several countries in Africa; India and Central America and assistance in building wells and irrigation systems, leading to water autonomy, we are giving a "glass of water to all who thirst."


Hope for Humanity

Hope for Humanity

People Helping People can take countless forms. The People Project wants to help lift up those in poverty wherever and whatever the need may be.


With your help, we've provided disaster relief, distributed presents to children at Christmas time, and bibles to those distressed.

With your help, we can do so much more!


Building Futures

Building Futures

Isaiah said, "There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain."

The People Project has established 7 schools internationally and educated over two thousand children globally. We currently have 1,200 students between our 6 schools in Africa.We have provided a free education for hundreds, and with your help thousands more to come!

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