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Locally Minded


This is where it all began, in Syracuse, NY.

We began by doing outreach to local troops coming home from the Gulf War while simultaneously establishing a school in South America. Though we have reached 13 nations globally, our mission remains steadfast right here at home!

We have the privilege of providing clothing, furniture, food, and much more for those in need here in New York. We use our cafes as a means of supporting people coming out of the throes of addiction, difficult circumstances, and refugees. We do a HUGE Christmas gift distribution in honor and memory of our original partner Rev. Steven Evans.

We host free baby showers for single young women, weddings for couples in need, and much more! It is a privilege to assist those in need in our own neighborhoods!
With your help, we plan on doing MUCH MORE!



Our mission is to leave the world a better place than we found it.  

We cannot change every life in the world, but for those we can impact, their world is forever changed.


Here in Syracuse our vision is to impact the lives of those in need in very tangible ways. 
We have had the privilege of serving thousands of people here locally. 
From our community center in Solvay, to our food distribution in the streets, to our goods distribution, we have been able to help over 2,000 people's lives right here in CNY!

Our goal is to establish a new community center with free educational resources, food distribution, clothing and furniture distribution, and a safe and fun family environment with regular meetings and services!

Lord willing, we will have a street facing 24/7 entrance to a refrigerated food distribution room where people can come and "shop" free of charge. Local businesses will be able to donate anonymously from their daily left-overs, thus removing their liability and reducing waste while blessing those in need!

HELP US to make this a reality.

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