About The People Project

We began

as a 501(c)3 charitable organization out of Syracuse, NY with a vision to provide an education for children living in extreme poverty in Trujillo, Peru.  Our charity has given away nearly $1,000,000 in financial and humanitarian donations worldwide in our 15+ years of existence. 

We have had the privilege of touching over 400,000 lives in 13 nations since our humble beginning. With your donations we have given away over 500,000 meals, helped plant a Teen Challenge center in Peru, given away over 200 tons of humanitarian goods globally, opened community centers in the US, opened three schools globally, opened various soup kitchens globally and locally, helped to plant orphanages and churches globally, and helped to educate thousands!

The People Project is just beginning, and we have HUGE plans for the immediate future in Syracuse, NY and beyond. Come visit us at our International coffeehouse HOPE CAFE to have an amazing meal and beverages which will help us with our work.